Monatsarchiv: April 2017


Suka Duka Hidup di Luar Negeri

“Hidup di luar negeri enak ya!”, “Jiahhh yang tinggal di LN, traktir dong!”, “Say, kalo pulkam titip dong Branded Bag!”, “Ehhh, Jangan lupa traktir yo.. itu loh di restoran jepang bintang seribu…” Pernah ga...


Snap Shot in Bayern

Some of my shoot during my Bayern trip, not the best but i love the view. Would love to visit the Alpen once again, is a nice summer moment there.


A view to my Disney castle

Ok, let me introduce this beautiful place Here in Germany we called it “Schloss Neuschwanstein” or Neuschwanstein Castle. This Castle was build by King Ludwig II from the ruin from old castle of Hohenschwangau...